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For a responsible and sustainable tourism

La experiencia más exclusiva de Set Hotels
  • As Minorcans we love our Biosphere Reserve island.
  • We want to preserve our habitat.
  • We believe in the sustainable development of Menorca.
  • We bet on local producers and collaborators.
  • We want to contribute to the creation of a cleaner future.
  • We believe in our work team and in the local talent.
  • We believe in people’s potential to advance as a society.


Green Seth, a responsible and sustainable tourism project in Menorca

#StayinGreen means that we make an effort to be green in the way we live and develop our business. From the way we manage our company or the products we use to the way we commit to fight residues or air pollution.

The path is long and costly, but we believe this is the only way to do things properly. As a Minorcan company we’ve decided to make economic development compatible with environmental preservation by minimizing the impact of our activities.

Sustainable Wellness Experience
We want you to enjoy your stay in Menorca (Biosphere Reserve), whilst we encourage you to collaborate with us in the conservation of our island through the various initiatives we have implemented, and you can consult the documentation that you will find in your establishment.

These are the three main courses of action of our Green project

Reducing our carbon footprint
We are committed to reducing our CO2 emissions by 50% in only five years, and to keep working to reduce them even more. We are conscious of the impact that our activities have on the environment and work every day to minimize it. We’ve drawn an improvement plan with specific measures which will allow us to reduce our CO2 emissions, either through optimizing the use of our facilities or by substituting equipment to be more energy efficient. These actions take place both in our hotels and in the activities of the whole group. In addition to this reduction, we also compensate a part of our emissions
Reduced usage of single use plastics
A great volume of discarded plastics end up in the ocean every year. Our Mediterranean sea is one of the most affected by plastic pollution. That’s why we at Set Hotels have decided to end with single use plastics. We’ve started changes to diminish these disposable products: we use biodegradable paper drinking straws, amenities with recycled plastic dispensers, reusable plastic cups, etc.)
Reduced usage of single use plastics
Bet on local produce

We are instilling the culture of consuming Menorcan products to our clients in order to reduce transport emissions and to promote local development. Minorcan agriculture, stockbreeding and fishing are very valuable and produce outstanding-quality goods, that’s why we support local produce by buying from local producers. Moreover, a selection of traditional cold meats that are served in our restaurants are elaborated following tradition in our farm Algendar d’en Gomila.

hese are our main courses of action, but we also carry out many other measures through our Green project. Read about them in this documen

We believe in people

We at Set Hotels believe in people and in society. We are committed to society through several initiatives which want to favour social development on our island:

-We collaborate with charity associations such as Cáritas Diocesana de Menorca, Fundación de Personas con Discapacidad de Menorca and Coordinadora de Minusválidos de Ciutadella.

- We collaborate with several programs which favour the employability of people prone to be excluded.

We favour the training efforts of sports teams from the island such as Hestia Menorca (Menorca’s basketball club).
We work together with some of the island’s town halls. In Migjorn Gran we contribute to the lifesaving of the beach of Santo Tomás by helping with its upkeep and financing a part of the lifeguard’s costs; we also contribute to the promenade’s gardening service and, on request of the town hall, by having our staff carry out maintenance and cleaning chores.
We donate ASPANOB 1 euro for each washing of a swimming pool towel, thus collaborating with the projects that this organization carries out to improve the quality of life of children suffering from cancer and their relatives

El nostre compromís amb la societat i el medi ambient i els nostres esforços en aquesta direcció han estat reconeguts per:

Gold Travel Life. Reconeix els establiments compromesos amb la protecció del medi ambient i amb la millora de les vides dels seus empleats i de la seva comunitat.

Reserva de la Biosfera. Els Hotels 55 Sant Tomàs, Hotel Port Mahón i Hotel Santo Tomás han obtingut el certificat Menorca Reserva de la Biosfera.

Soy Ecoturista. Els Hotels 55 Santo Tomás, Santo Tomás i Port Mahón han estat inclosos a l'Associació d'Ecoturisme d'Espanya.

Set Hotels, more than a team

Committed to our staff

Our commitment to society, the environment and our efforts in this direction have been recognized by:

Gold Travel Life: listing of hotels and accommodations that are committed to the protection of the environment and the improvement of the lives of their employees and their community.

Reserva de la Biosfera. Our hotels 55 Santo Tomás, Port Mahón and Santo Tomás have been granted the Menorca Biosphere Reserve brand.

Soy Ecoturista:The hotels 55 Santo Tomás, Santo Tomás and Port Mahon have been included in the Spanish Ecotourism Association

SGS iso 9001 y 14001

In its commitment to provide a maximum quality service, respecting the environment, in November 2008, Set Hotels began to adapt its existing quality system toward an integrated system, both at its establishments as well as all departments of its head offices. That stage culminated with it obtaining the international distinctions ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for the whole of the Hotel chain.

Set Hotels considers that being able to have ISO 9001 certification guarantees our customers maximum quality. We periodically set ourselves objectives and actions for improvement to fulfil their expectations and to increase their satisfaction. On the other hand, the environmental certification ISO 14001 embodies our commitment to the environment, making the practice of tourism compatible with the environment, through implementation of energy and water saving measures, correct waste separation (both municipal as well as hazardous waste), or constantly training our workers.

The scope of the management system: Contracting and management of lodging and restaurant services in tourism establishments.

The hotels that have obtained that recognition are:

  • Hotel Port Mahón
  • Hotel Port Ciutadella
  • Hotel Santo Tomás
  • Apartamentos Mestral Llebeig
  • Hotel Agamenón
  • Hotel Playa Azul
  • Hotel 55 Santo Tomás
  • Hotel Apartamentos Isla Paraíso
  • Apartamentos Sa Mirada

Gold Travel Life

Travelife Collection is the directory of hotels and accommodation committed to protection of the environment and to improving living standards of its employees and the community, working jointly with tour operators.

All the hotels with a mention on have positively passed a comprehensive environmental and social audit in which they have proven they have set up the necessary working practices to comply with the Travelife requisites.

There are three certification levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Since July 2012, all the Set Hotels establishments have obtained a positive audit, obtaining the maximum Travelife grade, the Travelife Gold.

The hotels that hold that registration are:

  • Hotel Port Mahón
  • Hotel Port Ciutadella
  • Hotel Santo Tomás
  • Apartamentos Mestral Llebeig
  • Hotel Agamenón
  • Hotel Playa Azul
  • Hotel 55 Santo Tomás
  • Hotel Apartamentos Isla Paraíso
  • Apartamentos Sa Mirada


Since 2011 Set Hotels has held the SICTED distinction at all its establishments.

SICTED is a project to improve the quality of the tourism destinations promoted by the Tourism Institute of Spain (TURESPAÑA) and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP). It provides a comprehensive, permanent quality management system at a tourist destination with a new concept of results expected, a focus on continual improvement and an attitude of recovery and taking advantage of resources and space.

It is granted to companies / tourist services that have proven fulfilment of the established requisites, and it recognises the effort and commitment to quality and continual improvement, while distinguishing the establishment compared with competitors.

The hotels that hold that recognition are:

  • Hotel Port Mahón
  • Hotel Port Ciutadella
  • Hotel Santo Tomás
  • Apartamentos Mestral Llebeig
  • Hotel Agamenón
  • Hotel Playa Azul
  • Hotel 55 Santo Tomás
  • Hotel Apartamentos Isla Paraíso
  • Apartamentos Sa Mirada

Project co-financed by the European Union. Operational Pluriregional program 2014-2020 Objective: To achieve a more competitive business structure



The hotel that has received this grant is: Hotel 55 Santo Tomás **** sup.

Menorca Reserva de la Biosfera:

It's a mark of sustainability that shines a spotlight on all the businesses engaged in protecting the island’s environment, culture and society. This acknowledgment represents a commitment with the island of Menorca. It certifies that businesses contribute to the sustainable development of the island and create a positive impact environmentally, culturally, socially and economically.

The hotels that have the Menorca Biosphere Reserve mark are:

  • Hotel Port Mahón
  • Hotel 55 Santo Tomás
  • Hotel Santo Tomás

Carbon Footprint Register

Carbon footprint registration, compensation and CO2 absorption projects of the Ministry of Environment.

Since 2018 we’ve put down our carbon footprint in the section of Carbon footprint and commitment of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our commitment is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% in the next 5 years. Activities performed in our hotels are included

  • Hotel Port Mahón
  • Hotel Agamenón,
  • Hotel Playa Azul
  • Hotel Port Ciutadella
  • Hotel Apartamentos Isla Paraíso
  • Hotel Santo Tomás
  • Hotel Santo Tomás 55
  • Apartamentos Sa Mirada
  • Apartamentos Mestral Llebeig

TUI Umwelt Champion

TUI Umwelt Champion es un reconocimiento otorgado por el touroperador TUI Alemania a los 100 hoteles de todo el mundo que mejor cumplen los requisitos técnicos y de organización referentes a una gestión hotelera ecológica responsable.

Para obtener este reconocimiento, los hoteles deben cumplir con los requisitos de la “Lista de Comprobación Medioambiental TUI para Hoteles” y obtener la satisfacción del cliente respecto a las medidas puestas en marcha en los establecimientos.

El Hotel Santo Tomás recibe anualmente desde el 2004 el galardón de TUI Umwelt Champion por su gestión medioambiental y ecológica.

TUI Global Hotel Award 2020

TUI awards this prize to the 100 most popular hotels according to its clients. Set Hotels’ Hotel Santo Tomas has been included in this list on different occasions.

The TUI Global Hotel Award takes into account the clients’ opinions of TUI Germany, TUI Nordic and TUI UK & Ireland.

TUI Umwelt Champion

TUI Umwelt Champion is awarded by the tour operator TUI Germany to the top 100 hotels worldwide that are committed to the protection of the environment and social responsibility; these awards represent a special recognition for those hotels that direct their philosophy to a responsible green hotel management and are actively committed to reducing their ecological footprint.

In the evaluation for the Tui Environmental Championships the guests’ opinion is taken into account by means of the clients’ holiday satisfaction questionnaires in combination with achieving award level in the Travelife sustainability criteria.

The Hotel Santo Tomas has been awarded yearly the TUI Umwelt Champion since 2004 thanks to its green and sustainable management.

Travellers’ Choice 2020 TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice honours select accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently demonstrate a commitment to hospitality excellence. Approximately 10% of businesses on Tripadvisor receive a Travellers’ Choice award.

Jet2 Quality Award Winner 2018 & 2019

The Jet2 Quality Awards are annual prizes that are granted based on the results of the satisfaction surveys taken by the clients who stay at the hotel. It has been awarded to the Hotel Port Ciutadella.