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Sethotels Mejores hoteles en Menorca
(+34)971 35 58 22

Who we are


Set Hotels is a hotel company which started in 1995. It comes from a family group of companies related to the tourist area based in Menorca whose origins date back to 1963. Nowadays the company runs several hotels located in Menorca. It employs more than 200 employees.

We are a dynamic company in constant evolution. From the very beginning we know that to achieve a high satisfaction degree among our guests, we must also achieve a high quality standard in our establishments. We know that investing in quality, with respect for the environment, means investing in our future. To achieve this all our staff are continuously improving within these bound premises:

• To do our utmost in working processes and product innovation so as to satisfy our guests even by exceeding their expectations.

• To standardize the service in all the chain establishments to ensure that our guests achieve a high degree of satisfaction, independently of the chosen establishment for their stay.

• Identify and establish strategies aiming at achieving the loyalty of our guests.

• The thorough control of the impact that our activity generates in the environment. We manage our waste and efficiently prevent pollution. We involve our staff and our suppliers in environmental issues. We promote buying local products in our purchasing policy to reduce CO2 emissions from transport.

• Compliance with all regulations governing our business, both those related to delivering the service as well as the protection of the environment and the one referring to the safety and health of our employees and customers.

• Responsible commitment with society by establishing partnerships with entities and local institutions, promoting, respecting, as well as giving support to the culture and the traditions of our island.

• Responsible commitment with workers through our employee loyalty program.

The Set Hotels management annually proposes new objectives to develop this company philosophy. It is periodically checked so that it is continuously appropriate.

Francisco Mercadal

General Manager

Menorca, January 2020